Mustang Mach E key programming

Original key programmed to Mustang Mach E using dealer software

Today I programmed a spare Mustang Mach E key 2023 plate, the job was completed using a genuine key and dealer software.

This vehicle has a keypad on the door to gain entry as opposed to a lock and emergency blade. This is used if the battery in the key stops working. But what happens if the car battery is flat? There is an emergency jump point in the front bumper hidden behind a flap.

The jump pack is connected, once the car has power, the emergency access code can be entered into the keypad. The keypad is found on the door frame.

If the battery inside the remote key is flat or faulty, then the emergency start location will be used for the key, This is located under the centre console, once the key is placed inside the slot the car can be started.

mustang mach e key programming

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