Auto Locksmith Course UK- 1 on 1 – Auto Locksmith Training

Auto Locksmith Course in London 1 / 4 day

Why choose me?

1-on-1,live on-the-job auto locksmith course.

My Auto Locksmith Training course is always taught as 1 on 1 training. This means you don’t have to share your learning time with a training centre full of students, unlike other courses.

You will ride along to live jobs and get to practice on live vehicles towards the end of the locksmith course.

In between jobs, you will learn about lockpicking, key programming. key cutting, van and business set-up.


As the company is owned by me solely, the price for my auto locksmith course is one of the cheapest on the market. I don’t have all the overheads the national companies or training schools have.

Practical Experience Vs Classroom Theory

Auto locksmithing is a very hands-on job, so most of the course content will be practical skills.

My students prefer practising how to cut keys and use programming equipment instead of reading information. You will receive lots of written information regarding theory and trade secrets after the course is complete.

To be successful in this industry you need to be a practitioner, not a theorist.

After the locksmith training course

Upon completion of the training course, you will have 6 months of telephone support. I cannot stress how priceless this is on live jobs. Often it can be the difference between getting paid or getting nothing for your efforts.

Personalised marketing Strategy

I have hundreds of hours of online marketing experience. I’ve built websites for myself and other existing locksmiths for a fee. I am in charge of my own SEO content, google ads, Google Maps, and other platforms of advertising. Share my knowledge, and learn how to get local jobs, wherever you are in the UK.

I do not sell equipment

Many of the locksmith training schools around the UK sell key programming and key-cutting equipment. This sounds useful, however, there are many tools on the market which are outdated and overpriced in this rapidly changing industry. Many of these tools have been surpassed by other systems, which are newer and more cost-effective.

How to become a car key locksmith?

It’s no walk in the park to become a car locksmith, but with my intense training course and your hard work, you can achieve financial freedom within a relatively short period of time.

The auto locksmith industry is a niche market with plenty of opportunities to make money. Paying for Quality Training is worth every penny. The money you will save from buying the correct equipment will easily pay for this course. Buying the correct equipment the first time will save you thousands!

Auto Locksmith Training courses

1-Day gain entry Auto Locksmith Course – £300 no VAT

The one-day course is a gain entry course only. You will learn how to pick a variety of locks with Lishi picks and get a better understanding of how car locks work. There are currently 160 Lishi picks on the market but not all of them are required to start. I will share my top 25 Lishi picks recommendations which will be plenty to get you started. I will teach you how to bypass locking mechanisms without any damage. You will also learn how to use long-reach tools if there are lock faults. You will get a supplier sheet with the best prices at the end of the training course. Upon completion of this course, you will have the basic knowledge needed to add lockouts to your services.

A student on this course had never picked open a lock before, despite having lockpicks and locks to practice on. At the end of the 1 day course, he had picked open 7 locks and come to 2 live jobs: A spare key an ignition replacement and re-keying.

4-Day Intensive Auto Locksmith course – Start a successful career today. £1400 no VAT

The four-day auto locksmith training course will be a great foundation for anyone wanting to become a car locksmith. If you have recently completed my 1-day gain entry course and desire key programming skills, I highly recommend this course. A £200 non-refundable deposit will secure your place today.

You will get hands-on practical experience with the following:

Learn how to Open different car locks with professional lock picks

Use an extensive selection of lockpicks and learn how to pick Fords, BMWs, Mercedes, Vaxhualls, Renaults, Toyotas or any other car brand you desire! We will start with the easiest locks to pick and then progress to the more difficult locks.

Use long-reach tools to access through the door using air wedges.

You will be successfully picking open 95% of car locks within minutes once experienced, However Occasionally you will come across a situation where the lock can not be picked. Pictured below is one of those situations. The door lock on the transit van was broken and the remote buttons on his keys were also broken. I had to tape the key to a long-reach tool and create a gap between the door and the frame. Then I had to insert the key into the ignition and turn it (not as easy as it sounds. )

After that, I gained access by pressing the window button down. A fuse was blown, I replaced the fuse, decoded the existing key blade by eye, and then cut and programmed a new remote with working buttons.

auto locksmith course - gaining access to a ford transit

Decoding car locks and choosing which software to use for key-cutting

There is an array of decoding software and key-cutting machines to use, so we will practice on the most user-friendly to begin with.

Cut keys using different key-cutting machines and the latest equipment.

Auto Locksmith course day 2
Mobile key-cutting machine
Auto Locksmith Training- key cutting
3 key cutting machines

Using different clamps for key-cutting

Not so long ago you would require different key-cutting machines to cut certain key types, Such as the old Ford Tibbe locks, old Citerons and the newer Volkswagen HU162 locks. Luckily nowadays it’s possible to cut all types of car keys using just one machine and a few different key clamps.

How to decode keys by eye.

Site reading a cut key by eye is a crucial skill that will help when key-cutting machines are decoding a blade incorrectly. This can often happen when a key blade is worn down. This is where having good picking and decoding skills will also come in handy. Some keys cannot be decoded by key-cutting machines due to the unusual shape of the key blade.

Ignition changes, rekeying and Common lock faults

Some ignition barrels and door locks are more prone to fail than others, Learn how to replace and re-key an ignition barrel.

auto locksmith course - ignition replacement.
Repair and re-key ignition barrel
re key igntiion vaxhaull
Re-keying Vauxhall ignition to match the doors

Transponder creation and programming

We will cover the differences in transponder types such as glass, carbon, encrypted, rolling code and fixed code

auto locksmith training school - transponder chip preperation
Use tools to prepare transponders

PIN codes- how to obtain

Most PIN codes can be obtained by key programmers these days but in the event this is not possible, we will cover the alternative methods. The pin code is always required to perform key programming and some models can only be purchased from the dealer.

Key codes – Where to obtain key codes when decoding is not possible.

Key codes will usually be obtained from picking and decoding the lock manually, in the case that this is not possible we will explore other methods.

Obtaining key codes

Key programming for Cars and Vans

You will use a variety of different key programmers on real jobs. See which ones are best suited to certain vehicles.

Remote generation

Over 60% of car keys can be generated onto universal keys. This means auto locksmiths can carry much less remote stock, saving money and space.

Auto Locksmith Training Course remote software generation
Remote software generation

Key Cloning

Key cloning should be used sparingly as it’s not the best way to create a key for customers. However, Sometimes it’s the only way and on certain models it’s actually safer than programming a key by OBD.

As well as the mentioned skills you will learn:

  • Remote programming – Diagnostically.
  • Remote programming – Manually.
  • On-board diagnostic troubleshooting and reporting.
  • Use a variety of apps and sites to collect the correct vehicle information.
  • Complete a live lockout job.
  • Complete a live spare key job from start to finish.
  • Complete a live all-keys job from start to finish.

You will also learn the following theory in great detail.

  • Best suppliers to use in the UK and overseas. Remotes, key blades, pin codes, key codes
  • Business set up. Different recommendations for different budgets.
  • My recommendations for cost-effective start-up equipment.
  • A list of common car key remotes to have in stock and where to get them at the best price.
  • Where to advertise.
  • Which jobs to take?
  • Which jobs to avoid?
  • Common problems with various models of vehicles.
  • Branding- Where to purchase branded uniforms, leaflets, business cards, key rings and graphic design.
  • Dealing with customers on the phone and in person.
  • Pricing – how to structure pricing for your business.
  • How to progress your range of skills in the locksmith industry.
  • How to market your business in person
  • Create a business development plan.

Van setup

I have designed both big and small vans. Including workspace, storage, lighting, security, alarm system, inverter and split charger. See how my vans have become my mobile workshop.

Online Marketing

Learn how and where to advertise your new skill. Create top-ranking content yourself.

I will cover the basics of online marketing in the course and also offer an in-depth service for faster growth.

On-Page SEO Checker -

Call me on 07830884073 Monday to Friday 9-5, to check the next available course date and have a friendly chat. A £200 non-refundable deposit will secure your place today.

Course Details

The courses are run In Watford – NW Greater London, 9 am-5 pm Monday to Thursday for the 4-day course and Fridays for the gain entry course.


You will be required to provide identification such as a driving licence or passport, as well as a DBS check before starting a course. DBS checks can be obtained for £18 here. You can secure your place today with a £200 deposit for the 4-day intensive course and a £50 deposit for the 1-day gain entry course.

I will not train anyone who lives within a 30-minute drive of Watford. this is for obvious reasons. I am so confident in my training skills and telephone support that I do not want my students undercutting me in my local area.

After The car locksmith Course

After you have completed the car locksmith course you will receive ongoing support by phone for 6 months.

Tools Required For the Course

All tools, lock picks, key cutting, and key programming equipment for the course will be supplied by me. There is no previous experience necessary. just bring a pen and paper and your thinking cap! You will receive 1 Lishi lock pick and 1 lock to practice on after the course is complete.

Who Should Attend?

The training course is suited for existing locksmiths not involved in the auto locksmith market. Additionally, people in the motor trade who want to offer car key cutting. The training course is also suited to those who are looking for a career change and want to be their own boss.