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Car Key Cutting Near Me – Replacement Car Keys (Any Vehicle Model)

Watford Car Keys provides car keys solutions around the clock from Croydon to Finchley. Get your replacement car key cut any time of day or night.

Types of Vehicle Keys That Can Be Cut

Our specialist auto locksmith can cut laser keys, double sides keys and Tibbe keys at the roadside wherever you are in North London. A remote key fob, smart key or smart card will be programmed after the blade has been cut. The blades will always work smoothly in the locks.

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Many customers opt to choose our service over the car dealerships, it is more convenient and more cost-effective. The main dealers Will have a lengthy wait time for their service, whereas we can issue our service on the same day. That is why most car keys are programmed by us.

Replacement Car Keys – Reasons Why

  1. Price- We are cheaper than the main dealer and sometimes less than half the price.
  2. Speed- we are faster than the main dealer. We will assist you today as opposed to in 20 days.

it’s hard to get a service that is both cheap and fast, this must be one of the exceptions.

Reputable Car Locksmith in London for Lost or Stolen car keys.

When your car keys are stolen it is important to have the stolen keys deleted as quickly as possible. Our auto locksmiths can be in East Finchley within 30 minutes on average. The main dealer will require you’re car to be towed to them, leaving your car vulnerable.

Looking for an Auto Locksmith in Finchley?

There are a couple of great auto locksmiths in the area, so its always worth doing your homework, thanks to the power of the modern-day internet, it has never been easier to compare information in such a short period of time

We provide excellent car key solutions in East Finchley

We have been issuing spare car keys, transponder keys, non-remote car keys and the odd transponder key in Finchley. Our car key programming services have been running for 5 years in the surrounding counties

Who can fix my car key?

Watford car keys can repair your damaged key in a lot of situations, if that is not possible due to water damage or missing parts a new key can be issued on-site.

Does insurance cover car key replacement?

Depending on what type of cover you have sometimes insurance companies will cover the cost of the key replacement. It’s always worth checking with them before you replace keys. Most keys will have to be replaced along with the ignition lock and door lock for insurance purposes, the old keys will also have to be deleted. Any reputable locksmith can replace the key fobs at your location.

How much does it cost to replace a lost car key?

The price ranges from £160- £480 for replacement car key-cutting services. It is always cheaper to get spare keys from a working key. If you have just purchased a car please don’t forget to have 2 keys at all times. If you only have 1 key with the car please phone us today to get a spare.

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Call 07830884073 for immediate assistance.

Gone are the days of having to pay to get your car towed to the car dealership and waiting weeks for a new key. Luckily you can get a new replacement key at the roadside by good auto locksmiths, they will have your replacement keys cut in no time!

So if you have lost car keys in Finchley give us a call.

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