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Ford Key replacement for all models

Watford Car Keys offers a Ford key replacement service around Greater London and the home counties 24 hours a day. Getting a Ford car key replacement has never been easier. Call now on 07830884083 for immediate assistance at the roadside. A rapid-response vehicle will be dispatched to your location. A new remote central locking key will be supplied cut and programmed within an hour of arriving.

How the Ford key replacement service works

After receiving your call a highly experienced technician will arrive at your location and will pick open the door of the locked car using professional lockpick tools. The door will be opened within minutes without any damage. The ignition will then be picked and decoded to obtain the key code ( The correct shape of the key.) After the valid key has been cut we will use various key programming equipment to program the transponder chip ( this allows the vehicle to start once the ignition has turned) All vehicles after 1996 are required to have this system fitted. Once the transponder chip has been programmed, the remote will be coded to the car, allowing locking and unlocking by the buttons on the remote key.

Types of Ford keys

Ford Key replacement for all models
Different types of Ford keys are supplied cut and programmed.

The history of Ford car keys

Ford Tibbe key - Ford Key replacement

Ford Tibbe

The Ford Tibbe key blade was one of the first introduced on Ford systems, known as the F021 blade in the locksmith world. This is a none remote key but still has a Transponder chip inside the key allowing the engine to start. All cars made after 1996 were required to have transponder chips inside.

Ford Key replacement

Separate remote

The first remotes were introduced separately from the key and could be used to lock and unlock doors remotely. If you have this type of remote, it is possible to upgrade your remote and key together.

Ford Key replacement Hu101

Hu101 Laser key

The Ford Tiibbe F021 was replaced by the laser-cut Hu101 blade between 2006 – 2008 on most models of Ford.

ford transit key replacement

Transit key

The Blue Tibbe remotes were used for Ford Transits only and ran all the way up to the end of 2013 and it was the last model to use the F021 Tibbe-style blade.

Remote Flip Keys

Then along came the flip keys. These are the types of keys most known to people and are still widely used up until this day. the Hu101 key blade got swapped out for a more modern HU198 key blade which is smoother on the ignition barrel.

Smart / proximity / keyless keys

Last but not least we have the smart keys, these keys don’t require the blade to be turned in the ignition to start the vehicle, although there is always an emergency blade hidden inside the key. This is used to gain entry when the battery in the key or car goes flat. The smart key also doesn’t require a battery to start the vehicle, there is always an emergency start location for the key to be held in order to start the car when the key battery is dead. It’s worth finding out online where your emergency start location is for your car.

Why choose us?


Having a rapid-response vehicle in the fleet allows us to arrive at your location faster than the average auto locksmith. We know waiting in the cold isn’t a pleasurable experience, especially in the British winter!


Using our service will save the need to tow your car to the Ford dealership for a replacement key. This alone will save you around £150 and about a week of waiting. the price of the key is also cheaper than purchasing from the dealership.


All parts come with a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.

How much do replacement Ford keys cost?

Ford replacement keys range from £180- £350 depending on the type of key, location and time of day/night.

E.G. a lost Ford Fiesta 2010 replacement remote key in Watford at 3 p.m. is £180.

A lost Ford Transit 2020 with an alarm active at 3 a.m. in SE London is £350.

Models covered

  • Ford C-Max

  • Ford Connect

  • Ford Courier

  • Ford Custom

  • Ford Escort

  • Ford Fiesta

  • Ford Focus

  • Ford Fusion

  • Ford Galaxy

  • Ford Ka

  • Ford Mondeo

  • Mustang

  • Ford Ranger

  • Ford S-Max

  • Ford Transit

  • Ford Transit Custom

Ford auto locksmith jobs completed:

Call now on 07830884083 for immediate assistance at the roadside.

Frequently asked questions

Q –Can you replace keys for all Ford models?

A – Fords are relatively easy to work on, and car key replacement services are available on all models listed above.

Q – Can I get a Ford key from the VIN number?

A – No, you cannot order a key from the VIN number. Ford keys need to be programmed into the vehicle.

Q – How can I get a replacement key for my Ford?

A – Call 07830884073 immediately for the fastest assistance. Watford car keys aim to be with you within the hour, and most Ford keys can be replaced within 30 minutes of arriving.

Q – Can the Ford dealership replace lost keys?

A – Yes, Ford can replace lost car keys. However, your car will need to be towed to the dealership for a cost and the wait time can be up to a week or more for the new key to be ordered and programmed. If the car’s ignition has been changed and the dealership has not been made aware then the new key will not work. At this point, the dealership will replace the ignition with the original, at an additional cost. An auto locksmith will be able to supply cut and programme a new key the same day regardless of ignition change.

Q – Do you offer any warranty on Ford keys?

A – Yes, we offer a 12-month warranty on all parts.