VW polo key made in Watford

Just as I thought I might treat myself to the weekend off I find myself at work again, what am I like?

It’s funny, I became self-employed so I could escape the mundane 9 to 5 – 40 hour a week slog. I ended up working 7 days a week 70+ hours. I then realised it was not actually the working hours that I hated previously. It was the fact that I never had a choice. Being able to stop work at the drop of a hat and get on a plane for a holiday is a reassuring feeling. Note to self – take more holidays!

So on to the point of the post for marketing purposes. It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m still recovering from my birthday weekend 2 weeks ago (I’m getting old). The work phone rings once again, it’s a new customer called Kevin- a lovely bloke it turns out.

He’s just purchased a new VW Polo 2015. The first thing on his agenda was to a VW polo key spare.

Now Kevin is a smart man because a lost key replacement on that model will cost a chunk of change.

Kevin did purchase a key from eBay, however, it was a used key and cost £12.50. This cannot be re-used on other vehicles. He then went to a key-cutting shop and asked to have a new blade cut and inserted. Unfortunately for him, they were unable to provide that service as can often happen with car keys. It was a good thing really because he saw on YouTube you can program VW keys yourself, this would not have worked on this model – so I guess in hindsight it saved him some time. unfortunately, it didn’t save him £12.50.

VW polo key cut 2015

Luckily he called the right professional for the job eventually. That was me obviously- Matt from Watford car keys.

I arrive on seen in my 250bhp rapid response vehicle, ( complete overkill for local a spare key job on a Sunday afternoon )

It was but cold day and we talked about high-performance vehicles whilst the Hu162 blade was being cut. I programmed a new VW polo key that was supplied by myself and the job was complete. lovely jubbly!

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