Locked keys in car?

What should you do?

If you have locked keys in the car you have a few options:

Try to retrieve the keys yourself.

This often results in people watching YouTube videos on door-opening methods. This is not the best idea as you often scratch the car’s paintwork with homemade long-reach tools. Often the door will be deadlocked, meaning you cannot pull the inside handle to open the door.

A customer of mine decided to attempt to fish the keys out and, as a result, scratched the B Pillar very severely.

They failed to retrieve the keys.

scratches on car after customer trying to get keys out of locked car

break a window.

This should only be the last option as there are faster, cheaper and less dangerous methods available. Often times it will take a few days to get the window replaced.

People often choose the wrong window to smash, as they choose the quarter glass window.

These rarely break so repair shops don’t usually stock them, and as a result, an OEM replacement has to be ordered, meaning longer wait times and a higher cost.

Call a professional Auto locksmith.

This is without doubt the cheapest, quickest and least risky method of retrieving the locked keys in the car. Auto locksmiths carry lockpicks for each vehicle meaning they can pick open the door with no damage and usually within 5 minutes.

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