A Truely mobile locksmith!

I challenge you to find a locksmith that is more mobile than myself!

What I mean by that is I now travel most of the UK!!! During a recent illness I decided to exchange my van for a bigger one so that I could travel the country, and sometimes others! On occasion, sleep in it and see the true beauty of the UK.

I now take block bookings ahead of time and organise the jobs by area; once I have enough work booked in I travel to the location.

Learning how to rack the van out and how to wire up the leisure battery, split charger, and lights correctly was rewarding in the end!

I wanted a challenge whilst I was off sick.

I plan on travelling along mainly the south coast of England during summertime and occasionally also to Edinburgh, and back.I will see lots of places I have never visited before. The furthest traveling mobile locksmith!

Please check out my photos below for the progress I have made in the first week.

Hopefully, I will see you in your area soon; I would love to hear about some recommendations on things to see and do in the area.

Thank you for reading.

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