Auto locksmith Cambridge

Having traveled all over the south of England this summer, I was delighted to find out that Cambridge was probably one of my favorite cities.

This summer I visited Bristol, Bournemouth Devon and cornwall to do spare care keys, booking them all in advance, It was my first time visiting all of these places.

The brands included,Ford,Mazda,Mini,Bmw,Mercedes,Vaxhuall,Pegeout,Audi,Vw and Renault. Most of the keys made were flip remote type of keys, however I did programme several smart keys for the cars too. these are push start ignition keys,, no need to put the key blade in ignition and turn, one can simply just press START

Proximity smart keys can stay in your pocket or bag as you approach the vehicle and the door can be opened by pressing unlock on the remote which is rather convenient, although alot less secure in terms of vehicle theft.

I travel through Cambridge once or twice a month to see a good friend of mine, departing from Watford and arriving at Kings Lynn and often doing car keys in Cambridge as I’m passing through, it’s a delightful experience for all parties involved. I ate a succulent steak over the water after my job, and it was very reasonably priced.

If you need a car key in Cambridge, by all means, please contact me to see what can be arranged for you.

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