Today we helped a Watford customer

(It was a fiat 500 key)

So I’m sitting eating my lunch ( tuna salad if you must know) pictured here:

and the phone rings. With the personalised “make money” ringtone.

I use 2 sim cards in my phone, 1 personal and 1 for business. It’s great having 2 different ringtones as I can tell from afar if it’s a business-related or call or a friend wanting to talk nonsense.

I answered the phone with my rather polite yet husky telephone voice…

It is a lovely young lady from South Oxhey which is part of Watford, she had just purchased a Fiat 500x, which is the slightly larger version of the Fiat 500.

The first thing she wants after buying the car is an extra car key as she only has one, I could tell she has her priorities right. I didn’t ask but I hope she managed to haggle some money off of the asking price.

I must admit I really do love working locally in the Watford area so I did offer a little discount on the key itself.

fiat 500x car key cut in south oxhey

15 minutes later I arrive at the location in my highly overpowered rapid response vehicle. 250 BHP at the wheels and automatic transmission, so yes it goes like the clappers!

I advised her of the car key programming process and what was required to make her a spare Fiat 500 key.

Luckily it wasn’t raining that day so we could pull out the workbench to perform the car key cutting.

After cutting the key blade for the car on our key cutting machine we programmed the transponder chip and car key remote. Horray! For my Watford car key cutting service, another satisfied customer

Back to the tuna salad we went, with extra nutritional ingredients added.

fiat 500 key in watford

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Viv Narroway
Great guy Matt and great service! Thank you so much!!
Kieran Walker
Matt done a great job and I would highly recommend
Nauman Sharif
Fast Response & Great Service. Thanks for the help
ian niven
Thanks Matt, for sorting my new key and ignition - more that you expected on a Sunday!
Had an issue with opening my keyfob to replace the battery.. WCK came to my rescue same day, got the fob fixed and working in no time. Great service thoroughly recommend!
David Balmer
Absolutely amazing service, polite, friendly and very professional, I was stranded for know longer than a hour from phonecall to getting a replacement key, Absolutely brilliant service would HIGHLY RECOMMEND 😀
Charles Adakwa
Professional and friendly. I received great customer service and it was reasonable priced. Recommend to.others.
Rosie Dewick
The team at Watford Car Keys were so reliable. They got the job done quickly and stuck to their word. They did more than I hoped for and I am so grateful for that. I couldn’t fault them! Thank you Matt for all your help.
Mercedes Knight
Called watford car keys when my child was locked in the car. They were here in 10 minutes and had it unlocked quickly. Thanks so much!
Regine Koroma
Matt cut 3 remote keys for our car. He gave me a good price and I found him prompt and reliable. Would recommend!

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