Mercedes G wagon Key replacement

Mercedes G wagon key replacement
G wagon Key replacement

Today we’ve got a rather sleek-looking G wagon with 0 keys available.

This means the owner has lost their last key, Now you know we don’t recommend only having one key at any time for any vehicle. The replacement cost could set you back an arm and a leg.

If the car had been 6 months newer, it would be a whole different story.

The car would have to be towed to the Mercedes dealership for a new G wagon Key replacement to be supplied cut and programmed.

However, in this instance, the customer was very fortunate in that Watford car keys were able to fabricate a new key at the customer’s location.

The customer had no idea the price difference if his car was 6 months newer, nor the expected turnaround time difference. (Being up to 2 weeks)

If you are going to drive around with only one key which we never advise, at least find out the price difference and time difference between a spare key and a lost key replacement for your vehicle.

mercedes g wagon key

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