Chevrolet Camaro Key

So what is the latest development regarding naturally aspirated car key jobs? I know you were all thinking that in the back of your mind.

Please let me put your mind at ease.

It was Eugiene who called me, An incredible fellow. He informs me over the blower that he has a naturally aspirated engine under the hood and needs an extra key.

without hesitation, we jump into our naturally aspirated van which has 250 BHP at the front wheels- not bad

(often referred to as N/A )

Aspiration – N/A

Aspiration – Turbo

So after smoking a few competitors on the motorway we arrive at the vehicle location.

More cylinders, more better!

The Camaro was instantly striking to look at, however, after a slight discussion with Eugeine it seems that he opted for the V6 version as opposed to the V8.

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for the car dropped quite drastically at that point.

So the V6 version has 311 BHP and is 3.6 litres which is still quite impressive for a 6-cylinder vehicle naturally aspirated vehicle from 2008!

However, the V8 version has 426bhp and is 6.2 litres! We all know more cylinders are better, right? Although it seems the Yanks only managed to extract 115 more horsepower from 2.6 litres.

The car as freshly imported from new and is LHD.

I will have to concede that We finally may have found a personal car that could outperform our work van.

However, we also have a personal vehicle that is purpose-built for speed… I won’t reveal too much about it but here a a few clues.

It’s a proper driver’s car

Chris Harris refers to it as his favourite car of all time, and I couldn’t agree more with him

It won the Engine of the Year award 5 years in a row, Any guesses?

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