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Car unlocking services from Watford Car Keys.

There is an abundance of Auto locksmiths operating in 2023 and a lot of them are new to the trade, there are also a lot of cars on the road. Any trading locksmith offers car unlocking services and can unlock the car within minutes.

Calling an auto locksmith when your car keys are locked in the car is the cheapest solution. The average price of replacing a window is between £150 and £350. Also, it’s time-consuming and can be cold and wet in the meantime! We can unlock all cars safely and without damage.

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Everything You Need To Know Before You Call Car Lockout Service In London

Why are you locked out of the car? are your car keys locked inside? Or do you have smart keys with no blade or keyhole on the door?

A lot of people believe this is the case, it simply isn’t true. There is always a metal blade supplied inside all car keys including the Renault cards and all proximity keys.

If you are in this situation, first of all, open up the keys. (YouTube is your friend.) Then you will have to pry off the cover concealing the car door lock hole next to the door handle.

Now you can simply unlock the vehicle quickly.

Car unlocking Services

Any half-decent should be able to gain entry to any vehicle within 20 minutes maximum.

In most cases, it will be more like 3 minutes. If a car is very old and has a deteriorated lock it can take slightly longer to gain access.

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Car unlocking service

There a several ways to retrieve car keys from a locked vehicle, but calling a professional locksmith is the quickest, cheapest and quietest way to retrieve them.

Need an Emergency Auto Locksmith?

Call us anytime to help you with car unlocking, We always recommend getting a spare key at this point. You locked your keys in the car once, it can happen again!

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Lost Key, and no Spare Key

We have attended 2 jobs in the last year where the customer locked both car keys in the car! Obviously, it’s never too wise to put both keys in the car.

If you only have 1 car key please think about your future situation and invest in another car key.

2 keys will also help the resale value of the car. A spare key is also a lot cheaper to produce than a lost car key replacement.

What to do when locked out of your car

Call a vehicle locksmith! Don’t smash a window as it may take a few days to replace! it can also cost 2-3 times more than using an auto locksmith service.

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How Much Does It Cost To Unlock Your Car?

Here at Watford car keys, we charge anything from £80 to £160. The price depends on the location and time of day. That is what you should expect to pay to unlock your car.

I have my vehicle keys and they do not work.

What doesn’t work, the unlock button on the remote fob or the metal blade in the door?

A lot of people call us saying they can’t gain access to their vehicle because the car remote doesn’t work. So we say what’s wrong with the blade? At which point they say there is no blade.

Immediately I know they have a smart key in their hand and they have never seen the blade or door lock.

Simply open up your key to find your hidden key blade, and look underneath the door handle to see a little hole, put your key in the hole and pull it off. Now the lock is exposed. Simply put in the emergency blade and turn! Once the lock is open get inside the car and find the emergency start location for the keys.

All cars have an emergency start location for a keyless smart key. It can be the start button, on the side of the steering wheel or in the centre console. On cars like the Jaguar Xf, it can be down near the driver’s feet.

If you have done that and still have no start then it’s likely your car battery is dead, Are there any lights or symbols on the dash? what about the interior light? The keys can also be damaged, at this point, you’ll have to a car locksmith for roadside assistance.

Remember do you have a spare car key?

I think most people know if they have 1 or 2 car keys but it’s always using your brain to see if you remember if is there a spare car key at home in a box somewhere.

lost car keys can be expensive

Locked out of the car near me

When you have locked car keys inside your vehicle you can count on our car unlocking services.

Drivers often leave their keys on the back seat, or in the boot of the vehicle.

We operate in Greater London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire. If you have lost car keys we can also issue new keys at the roadside.

The coat hanger method.

Not worth trying on most cars. I have been to several car lockouts where the customer has completely scratched the door frame of the car and failed to retrieve the keys.

The wire hanger can be devasting to the B pillar if you are a novice car key fisherman.

The average car is deadlocked nowadays. This means you cannot simply pull the handle from inside to bypass the locking mechanism in the car door lock.

AA car insurance insurance open cars help.

The AA and RAC can sometimes help keys locked inside the car. However, they only carry basic tools to pull the handle from inside to open the car. As mentioned before, most vehicles are deadlocked, so that won’t help.

car unlocking services through the door frame by pressing the remote button.

Will my local garage be able to help?

Most garages are not emergency auto locksmiths, meaning they cannot open the door locks non-destructively with your keys inside.

They can probably drill out the lock and replace it but that is not a fast or cost-effective solution.

You would also have to tow your car to them, an additional expense

Will Police Help Get Keys Out of Locked Car?

The emergency services don’t carry the auto locksmith equipment required to open a car door without damage.

They may have some long-reach tools to open the car door from the inside door handle, but again that won’t work if the car is deadlocked.

If your child is locked in the car and is in immediate danger they might help as public safety is their concern.

Find local car unlocking services when you've locked your keys in the vehicle.

Dont Panic!

You don’t have a spare key and your keys are locked inside the car. Don’t worry We are on standby to gain access. For our car unlocking services we charge a fair price.

So, how does it work?

Simple, it takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master!

All auto locksmiths enjoy a locked car with keys inside.

There are over 180 lockpicks for the different types of locks although a lot of them are now obsolete. Car unlocking is easy for us. We have the confidence and experience to unlock all vehicles.

If you require expert assistance call us day or night for car unlocking services.