Get a spare car key today

It will be a lifesaver!

Why do i need a spare car key in London you ask?

In the olden days if you lost your only car key you would have to arrange and pay to have your vehicle towed to the dealership.

Then you would have to wait up to a matter of weeks for a new key to be ordered and programmed.

If you needed your car within that time you would then have to hire a car, an additonal expense.

getting a new car key in london

So whats the good news?

The good news is- nowadays there are mobile auto locksmiths that will fabricate a new key at the roadside for you, usually in under an hour! This eliminates the tow truck hire and the weeks of waiting!!!

replacement keys are also more expensive from the dealership.

Get a spare car key in london before you regret it

Wait, theres even better news!

A spare car key is a lot cheaper and quicker to make than a replacement key.

There are several reasons for this, firstly it is much easier to copy the vehicle key data directly from a working key than it is to override the vehicle immobiliser system. to obtain it. Sometimes that is not even possible.

This requires a lot of different programming equipment as all manufacturers use different systems, this pushes the prices up.

It also takes more time to do a replacement key as the doors and sometimes also the ignitions have to be picked and decoded to obtain the correct key code.

From an existing key it can be copied directly.

Every year technology improves in our phones, TVs, smartwatches, headphones and cars, a cars immobiliser systems is no exception and the security improves every year.

The data becoming more encrypted and the keys become more intelligent and expensive.

some vehicles are controlled from your phone and others use smart keys which can remain in your pocket at all times.

Toyota keys are one of the most expensive to replace! So get a spare key today.

if you have lost your only working key for a Toyota, a lot of the time the dashboard has to come out to and the ECU has to be soldered to gain access to the immobiliser system.

As you can imagine this is not a cheap mistake to make and it doesn’t matter if your Toyota is 14 years old or the car door is unlocked, the cost of a replacement can be more than the car’s value if it is old.

What can happen if you lose all your Toyota keys.

Please, if you have only 1 Toyota key please do yourself a favour and get a spare key made at a fraction of the replacement cost.

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