Car module programming

Have you recently replaced your car’s ECU, BCM, immobiliser unit, headlights, injectors or instrument cluster? If so, you will require a car module programming service.
Most modules must be programmed into the vehicle to start in this digital era.

Module programming is a service we offer, and we can also come to your location to complete the work.
We have access to all dealer-level software for all makes and models and can assist you with programming without the hassle of getting your vehicle towed to a garage.

We can also offer car keys on models that many other locksmiths say is a dealership only job. This is done with genuine dealer keys and dealer software. This is an invaluable service if you have lost all keys and live in a remote area, as we can come to you with our fuly equipped van.

Please call us with the details of the car module programming work you require for price and earliest availability.

Ecu module preogramming
car module programming